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Cloud-based delivery provides access to our software from your location, reducing capital expenditures and maintenance costs.

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InStyle uses a Knowledge based system instead of traditional computer programming. This translates into faster, cheaper and better software for our clients.

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We offer the most cost-effective and advanced solutions available today for the apparel industry. Developed by fashion industry experts.

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We provide solutions for the apparel industry: ERP, PDM, MRP, CRM, e-commerce and EDI. We cover the entire Product Life Cycle (PLM). Our integrated web portals provide secure access for clients, vendors and sales representatives.

Apparel Specific: We understand your problems; we know how to help you.

Integrated: From concept to accounting, integrated.

eCommerce: We integrate with the best Open Source eCommerce platform available

The fashion and apparel industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. Despite this fact, a multitude of companies still use manual methods of organizing their information, including things like daily production reports, inventory management, or costing.

These methods are outdated and are no longer viable if you desire to compete in the fashion market.

How Software Comes Into Play

Apparel software, particularly apparel ERP software, can automate many of these tasks. This reduces company costs, increases productivity, reduces time employees spent on manual reports, and overall increases the company’s efficiency. 

ERP software refers to software that helps companies manage their day-to-day business activities. ERP software manages and integrates the core business processes of a company, allowing for a single system to contain and organize key business information. This avoids having different departments use different pieces of software, or different pieces of important information being accessed through completely different applications.

Transferring information between departments becomes incredibly easy, and something any authorized user can do.

Apparel ERP software refers to apparel software with features designed to manage ordering, inventory, costing, and assembly of your clothing items, among other features. 

How Apparel ERP Software can help your company

Since apparel manufacturing is a complex process involving the coordination of a multitude of different departments, apparel ERP software is capable of integrating all of the different processes into one single piece of software.

With apparel ERP software it becomes incredibly easy to analyze your performance. It allows you to set financial or production goals and then compare your results to the goals you previously set.

With the correct apparel ERP software, information never becomes lost or hard to reach. Every user will have access to the information they need, and valuable information is protected.

Fashion ERP software is also very flexible, meaning it can adapt to your company’s size, and scalable, meaning it can implement as many modules as  you need.

Since Fashion ERP software is such a powerful and versatile tool, you must study your own business requirements, in order to get the most out of the software and personalize it to best fit your business’ needs.

Choose your Apparel ERP Software provider with care

In case the software doesn’t precisely match your exact needs, you can speak directly to the manufacturer to customize the system to whatever you desire. The ERP software manufacturer should also  be constantly  present after your  acquisition, in case you have  concerns,  or  require  changes  and/or updates. 

Think of the software manufacturer as one of your business partners. You should make your choice wisely, carefully looking at their history and analyzing their main selling points.


Apparel ERP software is the path that fashion companies should take in order to 

get an edge on their competition. Do not wait any longer and begin your search for the perfect fashion ERP software that will allow your business to grow. Remember to pay attention to which ERP software provider you will choose.


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InStyle Apparel Software is a user friendly software which has been very effective in operating our business. They have great customer support.

I personally recommend InStyle Apparel Software. The modules are very well linked from Product Development to Manufacuring, Sales and Financials.

Franklin Dominguez, Director of Operations

Instyle was our vendor of choice when our business expanded 4 years ago. The system gave us the ability at the beginning to implement just the functions that we needed and then others later. Support puts hands to work as soon as you contact them, very personalized service.

Omar Castellanos Director MIS