Why Choose Us

InStyle Software – Best Apparel Software Company for Complete ERP Solution to Fashion and Accessories Business

We offer the most cost-effective and advanced solution in the industries we serve. Here are some of the key differentiators associated with InStyle business solutions:
Our management team has a combined experience that includes over 200 successful Supply Chain Management installations in the Fashion industry
The InStyle management team has worked on the manufacturing side so we’ve encountered the same challenges over and over again. We can solve them inexpensively and quickly, instead of being locked into traditional and sometimes costly methods.

InStyle is platform and database independent and the KME generates commands in most common computer languages. This means that InStyle solutions reduce costs and complexities required to implement software systems. We will also reduce customization, maintenance, and ongoing support costs significantly.

InStyle delivers a Global solution that is engineered for change. We understand the fashion industry is fluid so you are not stuck with your initial solution configuration. With our Knowledge Management Engine, changes are easy. Your system can change as often you like, even after it’s been installed. Our clients don’t need to wait for system-wide upgrades in order to derive the value associated with changing a desired function or process. They also are not forced to embrace unwanted or unnecessary features and functions that are not relevant to their specific operations.

You will gain control of your business with InStyle, one of the best Apparel Software Companies serving robust ERP software for apparel, footwear, and accessories businesses. We also offer an affordable integrated eCommerce solution that is- easy to use and fast and easy eCommerce deployment. Our solution gives you the power to gain control of your supply chain management. Deliver the correct products to your customers at the right time.

InStyle systems perform faster and are more stable than typical enterprise systems. Since it’s based on the rules your company provides, you no longer have the constraints of legacy processes and they can be modified or enhanced immediately.

Our KME can connect to existing system components, and can even connect and modify legacy systems. InStyle flexibility allows you to replace your current legacy business processes with our new technology at your own pace without having to change platforms, databases or re-train your I-T staff.

Management Team

Sergio Prusky, CEO
Sergio has an extensive background in the fashion industry. Sergio started in his family owned businesses that included both retail and apparel manufacturing. In 1993, Sergio worked as a consultant for Kellwood Co., one of the largest manufacturers of apparel sportswear in the USA, redesigning their ERP software. In 1998, Sergio co-founded In-Style Software, an Apparel Software Company that provides solutions for the apparel industry: ERP, PDM, MRP, CRM, e-commerce and EDI.