Professional Services

As a complete solution provider, we can meet all your implementation needs. We provide rapid design-to-release time and ease of modifications. We offer the following services for our new installations:
Project scope definition – We determine the basic, high level scope of your project. Will old functionality be replicated? Will the design be brand new?

Current Organization Review – We examine your operation for:
• Workflow processes
• Data elements & SKU structure
• Input forms, validation, and logic
• Movement of goods & Status reporting
• Manual procedures or spreadsheets
• Management applications
• Existing reports / inquiries
• Missing or desired functionality

Requirements definition – After determining the requirements of your system, there continues to be flexibility regarding the delivered system. The system can easily change from this starting point.

Modifications based on customer feedback – Changes to the system are based on your feedback. Often, we can make the changes instantly, right in front of you.

Data Migration (data conversion) will be provided for all necessary files by mapping the old system using InStyle conversion tools.

Administration Database administration may be handled by us, by your organization, or both, depending on your specific circumstances and preferences.

Maintenance and Support – Any additions or enhancements to the engine to ensure that all user defined definitions are accommodated are provided as part of the License Continuity and Maintenance Agreement.

Ongoing Customizations – To accommodate business changes or new requirements, we can respond quickly and inexpensively by using our KME to address such needs.