Software for Apparel Industry with Advanced Technology from InStyle

Our Knowledge Management Engine (KME) is the first intelligent tool for automatically creating, developing and maintaining multi-platform, mission critical applications that can be easily adapted to changes in the business and the new opportunities provided by technological evolution.Moreover, it provides advanced and highly configurable business processes only available in our software for the apparel industry, a solution specifically designed for the apparel industry. Our software is build to handle a complex three or four dimension product matrix with seasons, colors and sizes. The design of our software will simplify how you manage your inventory, distribution, sales and finances.

Our powerful, multi-platform software design and development tool enables truly incremental development of business critical applications. Since the database is in pure form with no middle-layer extensions, speed and optimization is smoothly handled. The solution uses Model Driven Architecture (MDA) that has shifted the entire application from compiled code to Meta data. All system components are stored in these Meta data entries as XML data statements. These entries define the entire system, and are run time executable to dynamically deliver the desired business functionality and user preferences.
The KME generates 100% of the application based on your user requirements, providing programming-free, automatic maintenance of your application’s database and application programs.

InStyle supports the leading execution platforms and languages, and the most popular DBMS.

InStyle Portal enables users to design, manage, and maintain portals with no programming, which means that users don’t need programming or design skills.

It offers a user-friendly Web interface from which you can build your portal and publish information in just a few steps.

Its practicality makes it possible to lower development and maintenance costs, and to significantly reduce time-to-market.

InStyle Portal offers a scalable framework for the integration of knowledge, information and applications in a Web portal, improving the communication process between the members of organizations and communities.

InStyle Software is the most established provider of flexible software for the apparel industry. Our experts develop tailor-made solution to your unique business needs; maintaining complex customer & product pricing and distribution agreements.