Q: How can InStyle help my customer service department become more efficient and responsive to our customers and vendors?
A: With InStyle, customer service and sales have information at their fingertips. Customer service can look up a customer’s order, check if there is available inventory, review current as well as future production and delivery dates. InStyle’s web based CRM allows for total visibility through the order, packing, shipping and invoicing Shipped orders can be easily reviewed and tracking numbers link directly to UPS & FedEx.

Q: How can InStyle help me get an overview of my company?
A: The InStyle Dashboard brings all this information together. InStyle can help you make your important executive decisions. Decisions such as what are my top products, who are my top clients, where can I save money, what are my gross margins, what should I be selling? InStyle helps you be in control of your company with the information you need to make informed and timely decisions.

Q: How does In-Style help with costing?
A: In-Style’s costing feature brings together the BOM, labor, direct and indirect costs by plant. This allows you to see your product cost based on where you have it produced. A production variance report is available to see the variance between estimated and actual costs.

Q: How does In-Style help me plan and purchase my Raw Materials?
A: In-Style’s MRP helps you answer what do I need to buy, what plant do I need to buy for, when do I need it? Based on current inventory, the Bill of Materials, your customer orders, production orders and lead time information In-Style generates the Raw Material Requirements by date.

Q: How is Finished Goods Inventory managed?
A: In-Style tracks all aspects of Finished Goods Inventory. This includes on-hand, open orders, allocated orders, production by date, min/max/optimimum inventory levels. With this information In-Style can show you what you have available to sell and available to ship by date. System alarms will alert you for low inventory or not enough inventory to meet future ship dates.