Apparel ERP Software – Powerful Solution For the Fashion Industry from InStyle

Order to Cash Management
Company (Merchandising, Customer, Routing, etc,) SetUp – InStyle is designed to address the complex requirements of apparel, accessory, home furnishings and footwear fashion businesses. Standard definitions include easy-to-configure processes for multi-dimensional product offerings, seasonal and merchandise classification groupings, customer billing, shipping, routing and mark-for requirements.

Apparel ERP SoftwareApparel ERP Software offers the flexibility to run different types of fashion brands; for companies of all sizes – from small scale organizations to global enterprises. To be concise, Apparel ERP Software has integrated all aspects of the business process,including manufacturing, design, finance, customer services, sales and distribution. InStyle ERP Software for the Apparel Industry also gives you the power to customize your marketing promotions, allowing you to manage critical financial areas of your business.

Account Management and Customer Service Information – Flash reporting and exception-based alerts provide key supply chain visibility to account executives and customer service personnel. Integrated views into production status, distribution processes and finance-related controls deliver accurate and effective results, which are critical to managing customer expectations.

Sales Order Management – InStyle includes a highly configurable order entry and order maintenance process. Manually entered, e-Commerce, or EDI initiated orders are all managed within the sales order control processes. Some of the key features include:

  • Bulk Order management and automated draw down matching logic
  • Multi-store, multi-distribution centre control
  • Inventory management for retailers (SKU identification and compliance)
  • Inventory management for vendors, updated daily
  • Flexible unit-of-measure and pricing controls
  • Multi-level carton content control (master packs, inner packs, assortments, size runs)
  • User-based rules for royalty and commission management

Picking, Packing and Shipping Management – The InStyle pick record management provides all the necessary functionality to process customer orders through the picking, packing, routing and consolidation processes prior to shipment of goods. Carton content labels, VICS compliant bill of lading and consolidated manifest generation are part of this integrated process. Additionally, connectivity options to Third Party warehouse systems are provided using various commonly accepted information exchange alternatives.

Credit Checking – InStyle provides multiple methods to manage customer credit checking processes. Credit checking can apply to any combination of A/R factoring, own A/R control, and/or insured A/R processes. Templates provide for user-defined business rules associated with the timing and execution of the credit check thresholds. As with all InStyle processes, exception reporting and alerts deliver the necessary information to the finance department in order to make critical credit-related decisions based on the customer’s current and historical payment performance.

Accounts Receivable – In the case where a company manages its own Accounts Receivable collection efforts for all or a portion of its business, InStyle provides a very flexible A/R open item system. Features of the accounts receivable system include cash application and adjustment procedures, critical charge back management and follow-up, required write-off procedures as well as any statement or past due reminder notifications. Aging analysis in detail or summary, as well as average days to pay and rating information are all part of the customer profile. Exception reports can be directed to the A/R specialist associated with each account.

Factor Management – InStyle provides for all the necessary protocols to automate as many of the Factor Management processes as possible. Order submission, order approve or decline results, invoice transmittals and/or advise of deductions made can all be processed in an automated manner. This can be accomplished through proprietary file formats or the use of EDI standards.

Sales Order Invoicing & Other Debits/Credits – InStyle processes will allow users to automate the invoicing function as a result of interactive shipping activity. Alternatively, users can individually select shipped sales order data for invoicing, or utilize the invoicing functions for other debit/credit transactions associated with each customer’s accounts receivable activity.

Return Merchandise Authorizations & Merchandise Credits – InStyle provides templates for the various return authorization processes in place for each business. Templates dictate the necessary steps and controls for issues such as first quality returns, damages, refused shipments, shortage claims, wrong merchandise claims, etc. Both financial and inventory related activities are managed within this process.

Experts at InStyle know how to get the most out of your Apparel ERP Software; we offer easy-to-use business intelligence (BI) tools giving a competitive edge over the competitors.