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InStyle Design and Development
Season & Line Planning
Product teams can define multiple seasonal plans and classification approaches to fit the company’s merchandising and/or product hierarchies. Line plans and seasonal libraries are accessible to all users in the company to help promote sharing and re-use of development qualities. The hierarchy can be tailored in a live system without having to change the underlying database schema. Therefore, a company can manage the seasonal nature of the data and their classifications themselves rather than going through expensive customizations.

Within the seasonal plans, the company can clearly define plan objectives such as target revenue, style/SKU counts, target margin, etc. As the development progresses through the season, the actual are captured and measured against the plan and deviations/exceptions are visually highlighted.

Component & Standards Development
InStyle Design and Development tracks end usage information for all raw materials. Using standard capabilities, users can quickly perform mass edits or replace a component across an entire season or multiple seasons. The ability to manage standards such as points of measure, grade rules, construction details, and templates are part of the solution and is controlled through role based access. This secure environment as well as template capabilities allows product development to easily leverage these standards without sacrificing the integrity of this data.

Apparel PLM
For retailers and manufacturers, Apparel PLM (Product Lifecycle Management Software) is a very important business tool. Apparel PLM provides a single place to manage all the data and processes, which in turn allows you to develop the right products for the right people at the right time. Moreover, it provides a holistic approach to manage product-related business processes from conceptualization to delivery. Apparel PLM Software meets the demand of business enterprises by centralising control over data, which in turn drives innovation, enhances product quality, reduces compliance risks and accelerates revenue growth

Product Development
Product design and development teams can easily work together and collaborate on designs by working in parallel in functional areas such as bills of material, construction, artwork, product variants, costing and sample management. As part of product development, a company’s approval processes, can be executed and tracked against the calendar established for that season.
To encourage collaboration, product team members can create ad-hoc routes or work flows to circulate tasks, projects, and files for further work and/or approvals and conduct online discussions regarding a project or task. An intuitive task manager interface allows end users to quickly identify their outstanding tasks. All team members can subscribe, view and comment on the original discussion topic or any of the subsequent responses.

Digital Assets
All digital assets can be captured and managed specific to an individual season or reused across multiple seasons. Any and all types of artwork such as sketches, graphics, prints, etc can be managed independent of the native authoring tool used to create the artwork. InStyle Design and Development generates multiple thumbnails automatically to display the digital assets for standard image types such as PNG, JPEG, GIF, AI and BMP.

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