Management Team

Sergio Prusky, CEO

Sergio has an extensive background in the fashion industry. Sergio started in his family owned businesses that included both retail and apparel manufacturing. In 1993, Sergio worked as a consultant for Kellwood Co., one of the largest manufacturers of apparel sportswear in the USA, redesigning their ERP software. In 1998, Sergio co-founded In-Style Software.

The software industry was experiencing tremendous changes and challenges in 1998. The year 2000 was around the corner, and the dot-com bubble was still to come.  InStyle was able to take advantage of the current situation and adopted state of the art technologies for software development. Many software companies were using obsolete tools like RPG, green screens and Visual Basic. InStyle was able to start from scratch, using low-code development tools, that allowed the InStyle ERP apparel software to grow exponentially.