Conquer the Challenges in Apparel Wholesale with InStyle’s Apparel eCommerce

Are you a apparel wholesale entrepreneur? You might be well aware of the challenges that the market throws at wholesalers. The apparel industry is especially getting more competitive and fragmented. Apparel wholesalers often find it difficult to manage sourcing, finance, logistics, and operations. We’ve tried to help you through some quick tips so that you can take your wholesale business to wholesale success!

Cutting off from the supply chain

Since wholesale distributors are like a bridge between manufacturers and retailers, they face the biggest challenges these days because a majority of manufacturers and retailers have already started dealing directly, cutting off the need for wholesalers in between.

  • Consider offering some value-added advantages to your wholesale customers
  • Help them manage their apparel inventory by means of drop-shipping and vendor managed inventory
  • Try to streamline your shipping and fulfillment processes; add a shipping integration to your inventory management software

Cramped margins

According to studies, a typical wholesale distributor can achieve not more than 25% gross margin. And if manufacturers and retailers start dealing without having you in the process, it would be much more difficult for you to even gain that 25%.

  • Keep your prices for all apparel categories competitive to maintain the customer base
  • Avoid ending up with a dead stock; keep the inventory size based only on how much you can sell
  • Keep regular track of your customers’ inventory, monthly orders, changing purchase patterns

New technology challenges

Apart from finance and supply chain-related difficulties, there are a lot of challenges related to the evolving technology needs. To gain a competitive advantage, adopting state-of-the-art wholesale apparel eCommerce software is the best solution for your business. It is simple and highly effective.

  • Consider getting cloud-based inventory management software
  • Set up a B2B eCommerce portal

How InStyle Can Help?

InStyle provides a perfect apparel eCommerce solution, tailor made to suit your unique business needs, including wholesale pricing, visibility, and quantity/ordering restrictions. Since it is innovative, customizable, and flexible enough to manage inventory, orders, and pricing with high efficiency, this solution helps you make better decisions for bigger and better orders. Through integration with your existing ERP, it offers you incredibly personalized web environment.

Once you implement this apparel wholesale eCommerce software into your business processes, you’ll realize drastic changes, including seamless integration of fulfillment and warehousing, improved administrative efficiency, and reduced overhead.

Are you interested in implementing the eCommerce software in the process for the betterment of your wholesale business? Get in touch with us for expert advice and assistance.
Till then, wish you great luck with your wholesale endeavors!

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