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Why Your Apparel Manufacturing Company Needs Shop Floor Control Software

Do you know what’s happening on your shop floor right now? If you can’t list off numbers to match your predicted production or can’t accurately and confidently schedule your employees to meet your daily goals, then you need shop floor control software.

What Is Shop Floor Control Software?

Shop floor control software, or apparel ERP software, is a tracking system that collects data on production that can be accessed by both production managers and executives. It helps track and analyze relevant data in real time to forecast production levels and assess employee output for payroll.

With apparel ERP, you can view the key performance indicators for individual employees as well as teams and different product lines. This allows you to easily track all operations on the production lines and gives you control over your shop floor!

Benefits Of Shop Floor Control Software

So, do you need some more convincing as to why you need apparel ERP to help grow your success?

Let’s explore 3 huge benefits of shop floor control software and how it can help your manufacturing company!

Increases Productivity

Shop floor control software boosts productivity across any manufacturing line. Each member of your team will have a system with the apparel ERP installed on it, ensuring that each employee is held accountable for their production and their earned wages.

This will motivate your employees to meet, and even exceed, their goals!

Managers and executives will also have full control over the quality of manufactured goods, employee performance, and any bottlenecked production or issues that arise on the shop floor.

When you have a shop floor control software in place, you’ll see your productivity rates higher than they have ever been!

Real Time Updates

With apparel ERP software, production managers can get real time updates and insight into the production line easily.

Why are real time updates so important? Because if an issue on the production line arises that needs to be fixed immediately, you’ll be alerted to it.

This helps keep everyone safe and keeps production moving, which is exactly why a shop floor control system is crucial to the success of your manufacturing company. Stop letting bottlenecks happen and resolve production issues quicker!

If you don’t have real time updates, you won’t be able to manage your shop floor as well as you could be. It doesn’t just help your employees, it helps your performance as well!

Better Morale

When all employees are held accountable, meeting their goals, and making their wages, they stay happy and healthy!

Since shop floor control software can alert production managers to issues and help resolve them quickly, it keeps productivity up. This means less downtime and less overtime for employees.

It also means that employee attendance is up, since there is more accountability. With software like apparel ERP, you can track employee hours, wages, and even incentives and process payroll through the system.

Apparel ERP Software Makes Manufacturing Easy!

If you want more productivity, quicker resolutions to manufacturing issues, and better employee performance, you need a shop floor control system.

Apparel ERP makes your job easier, and keeps your production in line.

With full control of the shop floor, real time updates, and payroll processes, you can’t go wrong with investing in apparel ERP software!

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