Ecommerce for Apparel – Retail and Wholesale

Ecommerce for apparel has always been complicated to implement... until now. InStyle offers a fully integrated solution of InStyle ERP and Magento ecommerce platform. Ecommerce has revolutionized the way apparel is sold, both at the retail and wholesale levels. Here ... Read More >>

How a Digital Marketing Strategy Increased Sales by 120% for Fashion Brand Uniqlo

For too long, fashion brands ignored the shift towards digital marketing and the advantages of building a strong digital presence. Today, fashion power houses such as Levi’s, Burberry and Uniqlo are leading the way in the usage of digital marketing ... Read More >>

InStyle, a leader in the Apparel Software industry moved its offices from St. Louis, MO to Santa Rosa, CA.

InStyle has clients in the West Coast, mid-west and East Coast and international clients in Honduras, Mexico, Uruguay and China. "In our business, the location of our office is not important. What is important is that we provide excellent customer ... Read More >>


InStyle Apparel Software is a user friendly software which has been very effective in operating our business. They have great customer support.

I personally recommend InStyle Apparel Software. The modules are very well linked from Product Development to Manufacuring, Sales and Financials.

Franklin Dominguez, Director of Operations

Instyle was our vendor of choice when our business expanded 4 years ago. The system gave us the ability at the beginning to implement just the functions that we needed and then others later. Support puts hands to work as soon as you contact them, very personalized service.

Omar Castellanos Director MIS