How InStyle’s B2B eCommerce Software Solution Can Help You Win the Wholesale Apparel Game

Apparel is a globally spread, complex industry. The complexity of the supply chain is increasing day by day and wholesale distributors selling apparel are finding it extremely challenging to deal with the evolving processes. Though apparel wholesalers have already explored and chosen their own revenue channels on the web but selling apparel and clothing online is not as easy as it seems to be. It is quite a difficult job to keep the costs low every time. Every business has different criteria for its inventory and it often comprises of a wide range of SKUs.

While there are thousands of things to manage, the apparel industry has made its own way into the online environment. For almost a decade now, online stores selling clothing and other apparel are on the rise and they’re getting more business and multiple revenue channels at lower costs. If you wish to empower your wholesale business online, your efforts should start with finding out a perfect eCommerce solution, tailored to your fashion and apparel business. No matter you’re implementing the solution for the first time or simply need to upgrade the current solution, InStyle’s apparel eCommerce software can help.

Let’s take a quick look at how InStyle’s wholesale apparel eCommerce solution can help you win the game.

Our eCommerce solution is created and optimized with an easy-to-use CMS platform so that it suits best to high-fashion wholesale companies all over the globe. The approach is fully innovative, customizable, and flexible enough to manage inventory, orders, and pricing with high efficiency.

Through seamless integration with state-of-the-art ERP and SCM system, our eCommerce solution offers a host of interactive features.

  1. Merchandise, apparel, exclusive membership clubs
  2. Web 2.0 e-commerce
  3. Easy to implement and maintain
  4. Web Service integration with ERP’s
  5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Exceptional benefits

  • Supports apparel as well as non-apparel businesses within the same implementation
  • Versatile design range, multi-lingual and multi-currency supporting
  • Web 2.0 features such as zoom, multiple images and dynamic inventory loading
  • Product integration and interfaces
  • Comments, ratings and user profile for web 2.0 solutions
  • Easy integration with your existing system
  • SEO-friendly layout
  • Single sign on module
  • Email blast service integration
  • Audio/Video playlists
  • XML input: inventory, products, and clients
  • XML output: orders, clients
  • MS Excel output: orders, clients
  • PDF output: orders

We understand your industry and business. We know that your business always has to deal with a complicated SCM process. 

  1. Our solution deeply integrates with your ERP and helps you manage the inventory and pricing more efficiently that ever
  2. Within a fully personalized web environment, you will be able to keep control over your own promotional offers as well as advanced pricing
  3. You will be able to mitigate all that comes along with the sales tax management

If you wish to take your wholesale eCommerce business to new level of success with our wholesale eCommerce software, please get in touch with InStyle experts today!

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