Impact of Information Technology in Garment Industry

You can’t overlook the importance of Information Technology in the industrial as well as business sectors. Just like any other industry, garment or textile industry is strongly dependent on information technology and the reason behind so is, to ensure that their departments are running smoothly. Using IT, businesses now are creating a strong impact on the global market, within a short span of time.

Today, we are here to talk about the growing importance of Information Technology in the garment industry and how the technology is benefitting and changing the apparel industry.

Defining the Role of IT IN Garment Industry

Like the other industrial sectors, Garment industry has separate IT departments that manage the supply chain. This tech savvy department delivers the much needed edge to an organization. Many of the companies are using the technological power to add value to their business.

Excess inventory is considered as one of the common problem faced by the managers which further results in poor sales, low price, less demand and all these finally leads to customer dissatisfaction. The procurement process in traditional garment industry is extremely slow. Thus the retailers need to focus on demand and recognize consumption trends at the very initial stage. Not having clarity about future leads to early stock out and overstock.

It was getting difficult for the garment industry to carry out several processes involved right from designing, getting approval, to payment issues. This is when you need IT the most. The more you share information with customers all over the globe, the more your business will get popularity in global platform. Planning is also an important part of garment industry. The supply chain members decide their roles which is perfectly coordinated through the IT system.

With e-commerce websites gaining popularity, customers are looking for products online. Without IT, it is not possible at all to help your products reach the customer. Companies prefer direct route to consumers by scrutinizing individual customer’s tastes, habits and preferences. Why wait for the customers to visit your shop, when you can promote your business online? This is the reason why Internet has created quick response system. With the help of web enabled technology, you can have automatic customer replenishment system.

Enjoy the Benefits:

  • IT enhances the method of analyzing the Demand and Supply
  • Helps in designing as well as developing samples
  • Online promotion of products
  • Facilitates the process of manufacturing and dispatching
  • Strongly helps in human resource management

IT tools and apparel software systems that are popular in Garment Industry

  • CAD/CAM systems for pattern making, plotting etc
  • Online FIT approval,
  • Computerized cutting machine
  • ERP for inventory tracking, production management,
  • Preparation of MIS reports
  • Voice chatting,
  • Semi-automatic and fully automatic sewing machines and
  • Communicating through Skype
  • PLM software
    Without IT, it is not at all possible to reach the global market anymore. If you want to rise high, all you need to do is proper execution of IT.