Top Tech Trends Ruling the Fashion Industry

Today, when we think of purchasing something, “online” is the word that instantly hits our mind. You can simply research about apparels or any other product on your mobile devices or internet and purchase the one you think will suit your style and persona. It’s so simple…isn’t it? Gone are the days when fashion existed only for the wealthy class. In the last few decades, a lot has changed in the world of fashion. Technology influenced the entire fashion industry to a certain extent, making all types of fashion easily accessible for everyone.
Though it is difficult to divulge where technology will take fashion in the coming years, we are here to discuss about the top tech trends ruling the fashion world or industry.

  • Influence of Smartphones

Nowadays, consumers make use of their smartphones for shopping and purchasing. According to Chris Mason (Branding Brand CEO), “Smartphones are redefining the way retailers are connecting with consumers, and it’s clearly being reflected in the bottom line”.
This is the reason why fashion retailers are trying hard to build up a proper mobile experience that meets the expectations of shoppers.

  • Designing for Online Stores

In an ambience where you can’t touch or feel a product, your responsibility is to create fashion that captures the attention of customers. One part should focus on the way you present and market your brand or product and the other part should include the visual aspects of the product.
Because of virtual browsing, richly textured fabrics and impactful prints are getting more attention. On the other hand, apparel business software solutions allow designers to experiment with their creative ideas. Retailers are capable of using technology for data collection and interact with shoppers on social channels. This helps them make strategic adjustments for better consumer success.

  • Wearable Technology

Wearable technology will dominate the fashion industry in the coming years too. Everything from your shoes to your bag, your watch to your specs will be smart. After the emergence of Google Glass, everyone was in doubt about its existence. But making those glasses more fashionable served as a vital factor for consumers getting attracted to it.
Just imagine your clothing fitted with solar panels in the future. Strange…isn’t it? When technology is developing so fast, we can surely expect of something like this in the future decades. Anything can happen!

  • 3D Printing

3D printing technology is opening new doors for the fashion designers. It is all about innovation in materials and processes for producing and designing clothing. The CAD software make pattern designing easier, offering less lead times for producing items, enabling designers to produce items without any expensive initial layout.
3D technology also allows items like jewelry, eyewear and buckles that carry unique designs and trademarks, to be copied cheaply and quickly.

  • Fashion Shows Organized as Tech Events

Today, production companies are making use of technology to escalate events to new heights. Fashion shows have now become technological extravaganza as they are a forum to unveil the latest creations by the latest designers. Bloggers as well as retailers broadcast live from events to voice their opinion and influence purchasing decisions of shoppers and buyers to a great extent.

  • Tech at its Best

In-store shopping is revolutionized through innovations that are both functional and creative. Retailers can now cultivate more satisfying experience that fulfills the expectations of shopaholic people.
Features like virtual fitting rooms that help you try on apparels without undressing and scannable QR codes that set off product information and marketing displays on handheld devices are using tech to engage shoppers.


Fashion may be changing every day but the impact of technology in the fashion industry will continue to disrupt and improve the customer experience. Fashion conscious people will definitely love experimenting with the latest trends ruling the fashion world as they are exposed to loads of options and benefits.

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