Using EDI in Your Apparel Organization Makes Great Sense!

How long do you think fashion exists? Well, though no one is quite sure about the fashion scene; the “Fashion Industry” has been here for several years now. However, retailers have been a bit conservative regarding sale and payment. Fortunately, today’s fashion apparel retailers are very well aware of the technology, and often take it advantage so as to improve the supply chain integration and inventory optimization. After all, technology is must when it comes to establishing an effective and lasting electronic relationship with retailers and partners. It all eventually contributes to expanded sales and profit. One of the most popularly used technologies is the Apparel EDI – Electronic Data Interchange.

EDI is today a necessity in B2B interaction particularly in the Fashion Industry. Or to be straight forward, no one can sell in the big leagues without employing Apparel EDI. Considered to be the standard for data exchange, retailers generally use EDI to send important business documents and meet vendor compliance standards. There are a lot of things to look after, including orders, invoices, advanced shipping notices, and payments. Moreover, all of the largest E-commerce stores demand retailers to use EDI for engaging in a number of business transactions. Unlike manual keypunching, electronic data exchange can help improve efficacy, generate more profit, and save great on costs.

Why Using EDI Is Important for Your Organization?

  • Some EDI implementations incorporate a variety of functions such as merchants, IT, inventory, and accounting that offer integration across the entire supply chain
  • Facilitates drop shipping
  • Helps to update daily inventory levels with retailers
  • Helps to streamline the entire process and operations
  • Helps to save cost
  • Improves speed and accuracy
  • Enables businesses to automatically process information without any clerical tasks and data entry errors

So, being a small company, is it possible to successfully and profitably do business with big brand retailers? Certainly! Research well and make sure that you have the desired software in place that handles EDI integration.

The best feature of EDI is its ability to keep the information flowing directly to and from the applications. No wonder, it’s recognized as one of the most powerful business tools!

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